Thursday, August 12, 2010

Crochet Trim

I've been following a discussion about crocheting trims for jackets over on the Nancy Erickson thread at

Here is one I finally settled on. This combines single crochet with a stitch that Bonnie Triola demonstrates. I'm planning to use this on an ivory cotton-rayon texture.

Blue: Lion Brand CottonEase (50% cotton, 50% acrylic) Color 110 Lake
Brown/gold sparkle: who knows -- from stash
Ivory: Louisa Harding Yarns "Merletto" ( 46% viscose, 34% polyamide, 20% linen) color 1
Insertion: Denim trim from Nancy Erickson (trim on right)

Crochet hook, size G

Chain blue & brown together for desired length(multiples of 3 + 1).
Row 2: Drop brown, single crochet.
Row 3: Change to ivory. Chain5. Half double crochet in ninth stitch. Chain 2, Half double crochetevery third stitch (Same as Bonnie Triola's pattern, except using a half double crochet instead of double crochet).
Row 4: Bonnie Triola's instructions for row 3, more or less. I am pretty sure I added an extra chain between cluster stitches.


Audrey said...

I have been admiring all the crochet trims in the SG discussion. Yours is really lovely. I like how the denim insertion causes a gradient color effect with the blue crochet. I am currently working on trim for a Chanel type jacket, but since I don't crochet, I will be using other techniques. Can't wait to see the finished jacket.

Mary OK said...

Thank you, Audrey! The jacket is coming together nicely. I hope to be able to post pictures this weekend.

Mary OK said...
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