Sunday, April 20, 2008

More Planning: Pattern Selection

One of the distinctive features of the Timmel swap contest is the design challenge. In previous years, participants embellished their fabric, made two or more distinctive garments from the same pattern, and created a reversible garment. This year, participants sewed at least three garments from one wardrobe pattern. With the exception of the reversible challenge, I have found all of these challenges to be rewarding learning experiences, and I continue to incorporate what I learned through these challenges in my sewing.

I selected a now-OOP pattern by Anne Klein, Vogue 2390. The skirt features a novelty stretch sheer as an underskirt. At first, I did not like the underskirt, and planned to make a simple pencil skirt instead. But as I looked at the spring fashion shows, I realized that I could interpret this design element as one of this year's big trends, underwear as outerwear.

I also liked the lines of the jacket. In eastern Virginia, where I live, summer heat and humidity is brutal. The three-quarter length sleeves would be more comfortable than long sleeves. In addition, I thought the jacket would look less "airline attendant" in navy blue than a more traditionally styled blazer. I also think this jacket will work well with nautical colors and striped tee shirts, which I may add to my wardrobe later this spring.

Finally, as I selected my wardrobe pattern, I wanted a pair of pants that had trouser styling and the wider leg. This pattern features pockets, a traditional fly front, and a waistband at the natural waist.

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