Sunday, April 20, 2008


The finished group of garments includes one purchased garment, a pair of black jeans, and one previously-made garment, a linen blouse with tucks and lace insertion.

The garments:

V 2390 Wardrobe pattern

  • Jacket in silk/linen broken herringbone (Michael’s bundle)
  • Skirt in silk/linen broken herringbone with stretch lace underlay
  • Trousers in tropical wool (Hancock’s)

M 5138

  • White cotton twill weave (Michael’s)
  • Gray/blue linen (SWAP purchase from Julie; bleached and dyed)
  • Print polyester microfiber (G Street Fabrics)
V 7903 Linen blouse with lace insertion (previously sewn)

Loes Hinse Cowl Top in black stretch lace and blue mesh (Hancock’s, Spandex House)

S 4076, D Gray polyester matte jersey (G Street Fabrics)

Nancy Erickson 1965 Print polyester microfiber pencil skirt (G Street Fabrics)

Purchased black jeans


Anonymous said...

Another great SWAP! I like how you worked the blouse pattern different ways. I just lurk around checking out all the fabulous work going on. You've done some terrific sewing the past couple of years...congratulations!
Marguerite (Auntie J)

Nancy W. said...

Mary, I just wanted to let you know that yours was my favorite swap. I really think your pieces coordinated well together. I love the little things you did that made everything work together. Very nice.