Sunday, April 20, 2008

Looking Back on the Process

The main things that influenced the way this group of garments turned out include:

Selection of the wardrobe pattern:

This determined basic shapes of other tops and bottoms.

Weight loss:

I lost about 15 pounds since the summer, and lost about 5 during the swap contest period. I had no TNT patterns. The fit of the pants, in particular, changed from the time I finished them in January to when I took the photos in April.

Fabric changes:

The midnight tencel gabardine planned for the wardrobe garment pieces faded unevenly in the laundry. I substituted a gorgeous linen-silk broken herringbone from a Michael's bundle. The linen I bought from Julie matched the tencel, so I stripped its dye and re-dyed it.

Design changes:

I simplified my design plans as I worked through the process, and dropped one of the planned jackets.

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